Blanton Law Firm

Blanton Law Firm

When the Blanton Law Firm in Sikeston, Missouri reached out to Element 74 for their video production, we were excited because we had just completed their brand new website. They wanted some video to help showcase their people and abilities on the site, as well as engage the user with something more than text-based content.

We reached out to some friends at ours Growing Media Marketing for the filming portion. At the time, their crew was a bit larger than ours and they were well equipped for the shoot. The full-day shoot consisted of interviewing 7 employees, including lawyers and paralegals, and coordinating “staged” B Roll.

From there, I crafted several videos that tell the story as to why the Blanton Law Firm is so special.


Project Details


Blanton Law Firm

Tools and Equipment

Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition

Client's Website

Blanton Law Firm


Austin Bollinger
Video Editor, Sound Designer, & Motion Graphics Animator
Growing Media Marketing

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