NPC Explainer Video and Logo Design

NPC Explainer Video and Logo Design

While being the most difficult video I’d ever done to-date, the Nationwide Prescription Connection (NPC) explainer video was also one of the most rewarding. I have never done a fully animated video before and I didn’t quite know how to get started. The kicker? I had to integrate live screen recordings of a software that we built at Element 74.

Looking at the script as a whole was a daunting task, so I broke it into scenes, but then I didn’t know how to plan in my transitions. I was stressed to say the least.

On a plane to Wyoming for a business meeting, I had a ton of time to kill and no internet access, so I decided to attempt to complete a single scene (out of 10 scenes) by the time we landed in Denver. I threw out the concept of transitioning scenes and the pressure of knowing how the full video would look and started in the middle.

By the time we landed I had a good jump on the scene and inspiration to continue on. Over the next few nights in my hotel room I completed the scene. In a way, I was discouraged from the effort it took to make one scene, but I was also happy to have something to show off.

With renewed enthusiasm I pushed forward with the remaining 9 scenes and completed them much more quickly.

Here’s what I made

At Element 74, we also do logo design, and we contracted to do the NPC rebrand along with the website, software, and video. However, the client didn’t seem to like anything the design team threw at them. So, I took a shot at a few concepts with little to no confidence. “If our design team can’t crack this, how can I?” kept running through my head, but I came up with several concepts and the client actually loved one!

Here’s the one they chose, followed by a few other concepts I tried out

Project Details


Nationwide Prescription Connection

Tools and Equipment

Canon 5D Mark II, Zoom H4n, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Audition

Client's Website

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Austin Bollinger
Videographer, Video Editor, Sound Designer, Motion Graphics Animation, & Graphic Designer
Cindy Knebel
Script Writer
Laura Sparkman
On Screen Talent

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