What Sets Element 74 Apart

What Sets Element 74 Apart

Back Story

One of my absolute favorite projects to-date, this video encapsulates what truly makes Element 74 such a great company: our people. One of my favorite things about this project is that I got to interview 10 of my colleagues and find out what they love about E74 and the work we do.

I captured 2 hours and 20 minutes worth of footage with the goal of creating a 2-minute video to show at the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerces monthly event, First Friday Coffee. It was a challenge to be sure!

I worked closely with the Element 74 marketing team to identify the “gold nuggets” within each interview. Then,¬†Erin Miller aided me in drafting the story. She transcribed the best-of-the-best phrases and wrote a script using those sound bites. As a video editor, I had never attempted such an approach, but the results were amazing and made my life 1000x easier:

I also got to create a brand new logo animation for Element 74, which I did using After Effects. I was tempted to created some long, elaborate animation with the hopes of showcasing that skillset, but the video ends with a strong statement from Toni and I wanted to punctuate that statement with a short and sweet logo reveal.

Without further ado, here is the video. Enjoy!

And, if you’re interested, here is a gallery of photos from the project.

Project Details


Element 74

Tools and Equipment

Canon 5D Mark II, Zoom H4n, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Glidecam HD2000, Konovo 48" Slider

Client's Website

Element 74: About Us


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