Why I Wear the Badge

Why I Wear the Badge

The first of many to come, “Why I Wear the Badge” is a PR campaign that is sweeping the nation and I was able to help bring it to Cape.

It was truly inspiring to get to hear why so many men and women wake up each day and put on their badges.


Project Details


City of Cape Girardeau

Tools and Equipment

Canon 5D Mark II, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition

Client's Website

City Website


Austin Bollinger
Videographer, Video Editor, Sound Designer, & Motion Graphics Animator
Sargent Kevin Orr
Police Officer 1
Patrolman James Goins
Police Officer 2
Corporal Rodney Edwards
Police Officer 3
Officer J, Gregory
Police Officer 4
Detective Joe Thomas
Police Officer 5
Chief Wes Blair
Police Officer 6

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